Ferry Copenhagen

Operator: Scandlines

Capacity: N/A

IMO number: 9587867

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Ecoscore E
over 4 times an average plane's emissions

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Ship Statistics

2019 yearly CO₂ Emissions
assigned to total average ratio
persons 🙎‍♀️ 33059 tonnes CO₂  1525 g·CO₂/pax/n.mile  100 % âš™ï¸
freight 🚛 33059 tonnes CO₂  595 kg·CO₂/m tonne/n.mile  N/A
total 33059 tonnes CO₂  399 kg·CO₂/n.mile  100%
2019 yearly statistics
distance travelled 153532 km âš™ï¸
time at sea 5803 hours 
2019 average statistics per journey
average persons transported 🙎‍♀️ 262 persons âš™ï¸
average freight transported 🚛 670 metric tons âš™ï¸
average speed 26 km/h âš™ï¸
2019 monitoring methods:
2019 Theoretical N/A ﹖ details

2018 yearly CO₂ Emissions
assigned to total average ratio
persons 🙎‍♀️ 37434 tonnes CO₂  1699 g·CO₂/pax/n.mile  100 % âš™ï¸
freight 🚛 37434 tonnes CO₂  637 kg·CO₂/m tonne/n.mile  N/A
total 37434 tonnes CO₂  434 kg·CO₂/n.mile  100%
2018 yearly statistics
distance travelled 159920 km âš™ï¸
time at sea 6044 hours 
2018 average statistics per journey
average persons transported 🙎‍♀️ 255 persons âš™ï¸
average freight transported 🚛 681 metric tons âš™ï¸
average speed 26 km/h âš™ï¸
2018 monitoring methods:
2018 Theoretical N/A ﹖ details
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Ecoscore B
The Ecoscore compares average CO₂ emissions per passenger per km.
‟emits like 2.1 planes” means that the ferry emits more than twice what an average plane would on the same distance for one passenger.

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