What does this score mean?

GreenFerries Score B

These grades are completely unofficial and subject to change. Here is the arbitrary non-linear scale I unilaterally:

score average g·CO₂/km/person interpretation
A < 96 better than riding a car with two passengers
B 96-193 better than riding a car with a single passenger
C 193-289 1 to 2 times an average plane's emissions
D 289-578 2 to 4 times an average plane's emissions
E > 578 over 4 times an average plane's emissions

These bounds have been chosen to match with averages for other transport modes, as computed by the ADEME.

Ecoscore Distribution

Ecoscore ships distribution

Distribution before grouping into ecoscore

Ships average g·CO₂/km/person distribution

Source code

You can play with this notebook to try and tweak values to find a better definition of this score.

Please reach out if you think we can do better.

GreenFerries is a hobby project, all the data shown here has no official value. It is Open Source, so you can double check and modify it.

Ecoscore B
The Ecoscore compares average CO₂ emissions per passenger per km.
‟emits like 2.1 planes” means that the ferry emits more than twice what an average plane would on the same distance for one passenger.

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